Mar 17, 2019

New Phantom Essentiel 2019 flying footage

Foils & L rudders remain as the original Essentiel version, hull now is updated as duly reported. New hull is designed by D3 Applied Technologies in collaboration with Phantom Int, major changes are a lower freeboard and optimized to fly compared to the original Phantom FP/F18 hull and maintains look & feel of the Phantom line.

Flight looks quite stable for a recreational foiler, the seat wings add comfort but are not that efficient as going trapeze mode for mainsheet handling as can be seen in the video above, basically you cannot pull as hard or as quick as being out on the trapeze, but again, this is a recreational foiler. Either way the Wing seat its a great feature for the Essentiel, a solution that can be back tracked to several Hobie models (H17, H18 and even Hobie Tiger).

The Essentiel maintains also a standard main sail cut (No Decksweeper) which is a good decision for a recreational targeted foiling beachcat.

For a racing oriented foiler, a Decksweeper is now mandatory in foiling or floating mode.

More info on the Essentiel at

Essentiel it's a great cat, but what we are eager to see is the new FP Ultimate, which will feature the latest foil tech & devel for the TNZ 3pt foiling systems.