Mar 7, 2019

New Nacra 15 Foiling Versions @RYA Dinghy Show 2019

All images published at Nacra Sailing fb - Preview of the new Nacra 15 versions, click images for orig size. The original idea was to have the foiling version ready for the Buenos Aires Youth Games 2018, but I think it was a good call to let that one pass and wait for current cycle.

Like the Infusion FCS the Nacra FCS version features Z Foils and L rudders, latter are for safety reason which are another good call, more for this youth cat.

Mainfoil Z looks llike a scaled version of the Nacra 17 one, Edit: Fer van West tell us that it's actually a N17 MKII one , Nacra is deveoping a new specific one for the N15.

Nacra UK also presented a "One" solo racing version equipped with a Decksweeper no boom mainsail and no jib, similar to the F16 solo setup.

We will get more details soon directly from Nacra.

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