Mar 21, 2019

Gunboat 68, Coolest Cruising Cat Ever: Portfolio by Gilles Martin-Raget

All images courtesy of Gilles Martin-Raget. Click for bigger size & slideshow. More pics at his fb page. - Simply put this is the coolest Cruising Cat ever built.
As noted being 68' helps on the lines and slick looks. But still you need to nail it. I have seen several big cruising cats already built and none comes close.

Not much to describe on this weapon, Gilles shots speak for themselves. Only aspect to remark  once more its great front deck pass through asset. We think its a key feature after experiencing live the great extra space functionality it provides on the Leopard 40 our friend Mariano Heuser brought to the 2018 Buenos Aires boat show.
This feature comes from Morrelli & Melvin studio, and was implemented first (to our knowledge) in the Leoapard and legacy Gunboat 60' series.
More interior iamges published here.

The Gunboat 68' its the perfect Cat. Spacious, stylish and equipped with a powerful rig to achieve the speeds of shots above, just impressive.

The only similar stylish designs out here are Tony Grainger's latest Raku updated line series. Some news on the Raku series soon.

Next time I travel to Europe I will try to get a ride on this beast, I have an invitation lineup of new generation foiling beachcats to test along, but this Gunboat 68 its a must to see it live. And hope to have another special and super cool cruising project ready by the time.