Mar 3, 2019

Archipelado Raid 2019: Registration Open

Photo: Jasper van Staveren. - Info below sent by the Archipelago Raid org.
17 teams from 10 countries signed up in 36 hours
High level of competition to be expected

Since registration opened yesterday 17 teams with sailors from 10 countries already signed up! Among the registered teams there are sailors from Greece, Germany, Austria, France, Morocco, Great Britain, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and of course Sweden. The Stockholm Archipelago Raid is
recognized far outside Sweden and continues to attract sailors from all over the world, both top athletes and experienced club sailors who come for the fun, the sport and the adventure.

One of the first teams to register was the reigning F18 World Champion Iordanis “Dany” Paschalidis from Greece. Dany has sailed “the Raid” before, but not won yet. This time he sails with Stavros Tavoularis and they will be hard to beat on boat speed. Navigation is tricky and local knowledge an advantage, but if anyone can stop the Swedish 6-year winning streak it could be Dany and Stavros.

Among the registered teams there are many other great sailors, for example last year winner Fredrik Karlsson / Niklas Nordblom (SWE). Ole-Petter Pollen / Knut Frostad (NOR) who sailed the Olympias together in 1992 and father and son Alsved (SWE) who finished 4th last year are also contenders for the podium. Eric-Stéphane Georges (Mar) / Cantin Roger (FRA) are experienced F18 / Flying Phantom sailors that may also surprise. To mention a few.

All winners since the first raid in 2001 can be found in the F18 Hall of Fame.

Sailors who are interested and haven’t signed up yet should not wait too long. There is a limit of 30 teams who can enter the event for security and logistical reasons. It is possible to sign up and withdraw registration prior to 1st of May without any cost.

Limited number of charter boats available
Goodall design has a limited number of boats for charter also this year. In 2018 two teams rented top nodge C2s with DS for the raid.
Patrick Demesmaeker and Vincent Thery (BEL) came in 2nd and Lucy Nissen 18 years and Jai Tooley 17 years (AUS) came 5th in their first raid ever. This is a great opportunity for teams from overseas or far away who want to take part in the adventure. Check out the Goodall offer and enquire for more information here.

Sailors who wish to participate as crew or helmsman but but do not have a race buddy can enter contact information here . The Event Organization will try to pair you up with any other sailors who might lack a team buddy but have a boat.

Phote Credit: Ollie Hartas, Malcolm Hanes and Jasper van Staveren

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