Feb 18, 2019

Nacra Infusion F18 FCS: First F18 Convertible to Fly

F18 Infusion FCS teaser
Published by Nacra Sailing 

All images Laurens Morel / Saltycoulours.com / Nacra Sailing. - The 'Tank' flies! See video above by Nacra. that is what I wanted for the F18 Convertible, nothing else, that's enough fun.

See? These heavy beasts can also fly for fun, concept proven 100%.

Now regarding this specific Infusion F18 FCS, it's delivered only with the foiling package, somehow an awkward strategy as is being labeled as F18, but we checked with new Nacra CEO  Bob Hensen and the infusion F18 FCS it is a Class legal platform, they just deliver the FCS with the foiling package and you need to get the Class F18 legal foils , rudders & castings apart.

You can set a set of straight F18 legal daggers and a set of Aluminum castings and F18 rudder blades and go out to race coming F18 Worlds at Costa Brava.

Daggercase diagram courtesy of Bob Hensen: Addressing the convertible case issues the Infusion MK3 had while racing F18 Europeans 2018, Nacra  has come up with a great simple and effective solution: inflatable daggercase insert.
This insert is in place to prevent water filling the wide open dagger case while sailing floating F18 legal mode. The case is wide ope to allow the main Z foil to be used and inserted in place.

Once you go F18 legal racing, you fill the inserts with air and you fit the standard straight dagger.

So nice to see F18 builders going for this concept, and remember once more, F18 legal racing will continue to be done in floating mode, the Convertible concept just add F18 sailors the foiling fun, given you also acquire and install the foiling set of daggers and rudders. (In the case of the Infusion FCS featured here is the other way around)

The Infusion FCS is equipped with Nacra 17 foiling package : Z carbon Foils, Alu castings cassettes & L Rudders.
Bob tell us that they have modified the F18 straight legal rudder to fit this casette case, thus the conversion to F18 floating mode can be done in 20 mins, that's another excellent feature.
You don't even have to change the castings, sweet.

But acquiring an extra set of foils / rudders  it's  a fair price to pay for the flying fun vs buying another entire platform, don't you think?

For more info on the Infusion FCS go to www.nacrasailing.com

Now we want to see the 2019 C2 Convertible and the Cirrus R2 going airborn too.

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