Feb 19, 2019

Nacra F20 FCS: BA Session, 19 Feb 2019

While the F18 Tanks are on their early stage for recreational fun, foiling beasts like the Nacra F20 FCS continue to deliver overwhelming speed and power. I sailed and helmed the F20 FCS here in BA , and at first glance the height is rather scary, you need to get use to it. The FP has a lower ride and smaller platform, the F20 feels massive beast, easily 3 can sail or foil on board any F20 FCS.

Flight is quite stable in mid winds and rather flat water, with more breeze and chop/waves you need a pretty active experienced crews.
Both sailors here come from the F18, and also have plenty hours on the F20. Excellent clip  form late past Sunday from our friend Juan Faustín.

Riders: Juan Faustín & Cuco Benitez
Video Film & Edit Juan Faustín
Closing text Translation: "What you see is Not what you feel"

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