Feb 5, 2019

DNA Performance Sailing launches TF10 #5

We contacted PJ to know about the status of the TF10 project with the launch and shipment of boat #5 heading to San Francisco. 4 already in New York will start racing soon. DNA is also opening the game beyond the original core group project. More details below on the update report sent by DNA performance sailig BV.

TF10 January 2019 Updates.
Small recap; a group of 5 NYYC members including commodore Phil Lotz wanted to go foiling to
keep the youngsters in yacht club racing interested in the sport and to follow the foiling trend that is so obvious for all of us nowadays.

This was around 2016 and Morrelli & Melvin made them the TF10 design. DNA Performance Sailing was contracted to construct them the all carbon fiber pre-preg, Nomex core built-up TF10 and worked together with M&M to further detail design this foiling trimaran.

The first TF10 was launched in 2017, nowadays 4 TF10’s are sailing no. 5 is on its way to San Francisco USA and number 6 is under construction.

The so called TF10 developers’ group, licensed DNA last year to handle not only the one-design production of the TF10, but to manage Sales and Marketing too.

We joined forces with JOY Savanah to further promote the class. JOY is well known with their marketing and class management expertise for the Melges Classes and the latest IC37 class.

With the delivery of the 5th TF10 in San Francisco this April, we will organize a launch event and will invite prospects to join us for some tests sailing, two more TF10 are coming over from Newport RI to sail in the bay area too, some first TF10 test race events are planned to happen this winter period in San Francisco.

During the summer season 4 TF10’s will sail at Newport RI, a first class-regatta calendar will be announced soonest. Apart from that, these TF10’s will enter some of the existing races in front of the NYYC too.

The TF10 is a fun boat to sail and easy to foil. The 4-point foil concept, developed in A-class, is used as an easy to handle and save foiling configuration. Z-boards and T- rudders provide enough lift to get the 32ft yacht to foil above the water from around 10 knots of wind pressure.

Top speeds well over 30knts are recorded whilst no big crashes have occurred with the first boats already sailing a full season long. The Trimaran design provides a lot of buoyancy when coming of the foils, this is one of the advantages of this design that gives the yacht the save and controlled behavior.

Both the T-rudder foils as well as the Z-board daggerboard are controlled with electric rake actuators, bush buttons on the benches and in the mid hull for foil rake control and a so-called tack button copies the settings to the opposite tack when making a maneuver.

Another beauty of the concept is the foldable part of the boat, this way you can bring your boat anywhere you want. For race teams, transport by your own crew with a normal car is possible and setting the boat up, only takes you a few hours.

A number of guests took the opportunity to sail with one of the first TF10’s in Newport RI so far, every single one managed to get up on the foils at the first try, it takes some training and team effort to pull off a first foiling gybe off course, but that’s the beauty of this new boat.

More information can be found at www.dnaperformancesailing.com and www.tf10class.com don’t forget to look for updates at www.instagram.com/dnaperformancesailing too.

A nice video of the easy assembly could be found at: https://youtu.be/w8x3l95NMdQ
and good coverage of the sailing fun with a TF10 at: https://youtu.be/eXZzRgXVdFs