Feb 14, 2019

Americas Cup: Team New Zealand vs SailGP

With one day to spare for the first SailGP event in Sydney, Emirates Team New Zealand is posting in their social networks like Twitter & Fb a teaser which will depict how they invented foiling for "Gran Prix Sailing" (sic)  in clear reference to the SailGP  F50 circuit.

While the freak and complex AC75 have shown to be fast and surely the final product will perform, we are still worried on the safety & handling stability of the concept. (TNZ top notch engineers wont be sleeping today on this comment..:)

From a start those hanging huge & ballasted T foils are a strange way to mimic the almost perfect righting moment available in multihull platforms. Straight line speed of the AC75 protos are looking fast and we hope they can solve the maneuverability and handling issues even seen in public AC team videos.

Still we don't get why the SailGP is making noise & waves to the next AC organizers,  maybe their engineers have seen the F50s practice racing past days at Sydney?

In our view the SailGP cannot compete with the Americas Cup, monohull foiling tinkering included, so Team New Zealand should leave SailGP to their own game, only possible concern will be the F50s being far superior in performance to the AC75s around the course.
Until first AC75 we wont be able to fully compare both foiling platforms.

Below text accompanying Emirates Team New Zealand coming video promotion:

"Gather around for the untold story of the birth of foiling in the America’s Cup and Grand Prix sailing. 
As quiet as it seems from all the America’s Cup teams, you can rest assured there are plenty of innovative ideas being tested within design offices around the world. Ideas that could be the next quantum leap forward in technology on or off the water.
This is the story of one such idea, when at this stage of the campaign prior to the 2013 America’s Cup, we were just doing a little thing, like inventing foiling in Grand Prix sailing. #Sailing #Foiling #AmericasCup"