Jan 11, 2019

Tornado Worlds 2019: Burvill-Puttman Champs

Photos: Live Sail Die - Brett Burvill & Max Puttman were are the new 2019 Tornado World Champs. Regatta held at Takapuna Boat Club in New Zealand. Official report has not arrive our inbox yet, but it is already published at Live Sail Die.

Update: Official ITA Press Release & Video sent by Maria Tsaousidou )Secretary of the ITA) available below Brett's container comments.

Full results available here.

Before the event started Brett (builder of the Windrush Tornado & Edge F18) sent me some news on how him and the Tornado Class members solve a pretty hard issue to solve, which was 6 Tornados on container loaded in the wrong ship!?

Details sent by Brettt published at the ITA fb:
"This is what makes the Tornado Class Family special, very special!

Once upon a week ago, the ITA found out that one of it's containers that was shipped to New Zealand for the World Championship in Takapuna had not made it onto the right ship! Basically 6 boats were not going to make it in time to compete.
Many Tornado minds started ticking and the Aussies came up with a plan. Thanks to Brett Burvill, Max Puttman, Allan Gamble, Paul Raymond and Jared Eyles, 5 Tornados have been loaded within days into a container in Perth destination Takapuna, New Zealand and will make it in time for the Championships
Many thanks to all involved to make it possible"

Official Press Release International Tornado Class Association
2019 Tornado Worlds – Aussies take the win

The final day of racing for the 2019 Tornado World Championships Powered by Candida Stationery ended on a high with Olympic Gold and Silver medalist Rex Sellars, sailing with his son Brett, took the win for race 10, a great way to end the regatta. But it wasn’t enough to get them on the podium, missing out on third place by just one point. Australian duo Brett Burvill and Max Puttman claimed the overall title, the first time that this team have won the event.

“I’ve won the mixed division before when I had Estela Jentsch as my crew, but never taken the overall win. I’m bloody stoked!” said Burvill after the prize giving.

“We are just so happy that we managed to secure the win. It was a mission to get to the start line because we actually broke our traveller car on the jib during the last race of the NZL Nationals, and my girlfriends sister, Skye got a replacement, jumped on a plane from Perth (Western Australia) to Auckland, and we met her at the airport to collect it. There were none in New Zealand so she took the mammoth flight to get the part to us. Thank goodness because without that, we wouldn’t have been able to take the championship,” said Puttman.

Second overall went to the Swiss team of Jorg Steiner and Michael Gloor, in their first regatta sailing with each other.

“I’m normally a crew, and this is the first time I have helmed a regatta. My regular skipper could not make it to New Zealand, so Michael and I teamed up to give it a go,” said Steiner. “We are very happy and did not expect to do so well!”

Third overall, first youth and first mixed team went to 16 year old helm Estela Jentsch from Germany and her Australian crew Daniel Brown. This is the second time the team has finished on the podium at a Tornado World Championship event.

“We are happy to have third again in the Tornado Worlds and to also win the youth and mixed divisions,” said Jentsch. “We are very pleased with our efforts. This was a very hard regatta for us, so to win so much is wonderful.”

The fleet are now packing their boats to head back to their respective ports after what has been a spectacular regatta hosted by the team at Takapuna Boating Club.

Race 9
1st – Brett Burvill & Max Puttman (AUS)
2nd – Estela Jentsch & Daniel Brown (GER)
3rd – Rex Sellars & Brett Sellars (NZL)

Race 10
1st – Rex Sellars & Brett Sellars (NZL)
2nd – Jorg Steiner & Michael Gloor (SUI)
3rd – Brett Burvill & Max Puttman (AUS)


1st – Brett Burvill & Max Puttman (AUS)
2nd – Jorg Steiner & Michael Gloor (SUI)
3rd – – Estela Jentsch & Daniel Brown (GER)

Mixed Team Division

1st – Estela Jentsch & Daniel Brown (GER)
2nd – Zdenek Pavlis & Michaela Pavlisova (CZE)
3rd – Jared Eyles & Suzanne Eyles (AUS)

Youth Division

1st – Estela Jentsch & Daniel Brown (GER)
2nd – Helena Sanderson & Jack Honey (NZL)
3rd – Tomer Simhony & Benedict Wachsmann (NZL)

Live Sail Die would like to thank all the sponsors, in particular the title sponsor Candida Stationery, the International Tornado Class Association, the New Zealand Tornado Class Association and Takapuna Boating Club for having us film the series. It’s been a fantastic regatta to be a part of.

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