Jan 6, 2019

Hobie 16 Australian Nats 2019

Photos & info sent by Gavin Colby, more at hobiecatnationals.com.au. Gavin  doing some long distance to attend Hobie & F18 Aussie Nats. -
On established fleets Hobie 16 racing might still be about the most competitive racing out there.

Gavin Colby: "As much as the boat is not flash and modern, the racing is close, tactical, one design and cheap. Great bunch of young kids at the regatta. We used a boat that I sold for 6000 AUD at the end of the event.

With a Great bunch of friendly people racing was fair and competitive. Testing conditions as we lost a day with too much wind.

Temperature range from 41’c to 22’c on the last day. The event was also qualifying for the upcoming Hobie 16 Worlds in Florida: https://hobieworlds.com

Next is F18 Aussie Nationals also in Adelaide in 2 weeks time.


Above: A couple photos crossing the Nullarbor on the way over. 16 and F18. 2800km route.

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