Jan 3, 2019

Goodall Design Viper 2019 Foiling

Photos by AJP Photography / Goodall Design, click images for large size. - Brett Goodall & Goodall Design published these past two days shots of the new Viper F16 foiling version. The concept is a convertible too, as the F16 Class does not allows to foil. The F16 Class has a lighter weight rule than the F18 so we expect the Viper to fly early and pretty well.
Eager to see their C2 flying tests. For the F18, you need to understand that is recreational foiler, performance flights need to be discussed for other dedicated foiling platforms not for a convertible F18 or F16 for the matter.

Viper looking like a weapon, new hulls updated last year plus Z foils derived from latest Exploder D3 devels and T winglets for the rudders (see foils here) plus no span limitation (as the As currently have) the Viper might deliver some nice flights.

Brett Goodall commented on his fb :
"I couldn't be prouder of this boat!!!
My father, Greg Goodall, designed the Viper to be the best F16 available and it is!!! No other design has won more major titles than this boat.
Just over 2 years ago I had a dream to put the Viper on foils... After alot of thinking, trialing and testing we have a production foiling Viper!!!

I really want to thank everyone who believed in the dream and supported the process.

This is just the beginning of things to come!!!"
More info contact Goodall Design at www.goodalldesign.net and their fb page.

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