Dec 13, 2018

Wilson-Marquinez MW680F launched

Photo: the MW680F flying at Garda. - Back in August 2017 we presented a cool project from two local talented Argentinean Naval Architects, F18 sailor Laureano Marquinez & his partner Nahuel Wilson.

The concept was shown first here in CSN and  later was spread in other media, generating an overwhelming response.

Laureano & Nahuel have been working in  the backgro Wilson-Marquinez Naval Architecture firm, but they were rather unknown to gral public.

When Laureano sent me their concept, I said : "Now you guys will make a name on their own".
The concept of monohull foiler following the IMOCA concept is the way to go, as its like a Convertible, a platform that can saill in floating and foiling mode with almost transparent transitions.
Compare to the complicated solution TNZ envisioned to back to monohulls... this platform is more reasonable and a proper logic design. No need to re invent the wheel as current tinkering AC monohull foilers are doing.

I even got them a known  yard to review their project, but those visionaries didn't pushed forward. My friends were a bit annoyed at the time , but I told them taking concepts to the water takes time and no doubt this one was going to be built.

In the end I was right, and this weapon its  already flying smoothly +25 knots.

Later more details and insights, we will do a QA with the our friends soon.
The Mw680F looks like a real Weapon, specially those hulls lines.

Yet another project "born" in CSN. Proud on them for following their own path, now the Wilson-Marquinez name will be known all over the place.

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