Dec 9, 2018

F18: Cirrus R2 Convertible @Salon Nautique de Paris 2018

Photo: Cirrus Catamrans , click pics for larger size - Cirrus brand owner, Manu Boulogne has been playing a key part in the F18 for years, and along his brother they might be only F18 builders who have won a Worlds Championship sailing their own built design.
That's a hard one to achieve, on a quick thought I think the only one today being able to do the same might be Pete Melvin, but he is not building the Infusions (Pete has done it in the A-Class.)

Manu & Cirrus have adopted the F18 Convertible concept full bore. Photos above are from the Salon Nautique Paris within a joint effort with the F18 French Association booth.
The R2 featured there is equipped with a huge L foil a la AC50s from Bermuda, and we wonder how this weapon might fly, hope to see this platform on the water soon.

Goodall Design has also embraced the convertible the Epoxy & Convertible concept and is launching theirs for the 2019 season. More on the C2 later.

To avoid silly discussions over uniformed opinions please remind that the goal of the Convertible F18 is not to go racing airborne but to have two boats in one for those that cannot afford buying a floating F18 plus an F20/FP or the like.

No plan whatsoever on the table on migrate to foiling anytime soon. Long, long term future we'll see, much to develop still for flying small cats and even the As cannot foil upwind just like that yet.

F18s remain the all terrain weather condition and as long we cannot replicate the 5 to 30 knots wind range on a foiling version  no one will attempt to touch the current status quo.
Check how the A World were not sailed in 20-22 knots days compared to the conditions at St Barts some weeks ago.

The Convertible os targeted to offer F18 sailors more fun outside legal F18 racing, and of course attract more sailors to game.

In 2019 the Class will have the Worlds at Costa Brava, which was defined by many one of the best events ever, and in 2019 there many bids on the table, with places like Punta Ala or Circolo Vela Arco at Garda.

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