Nov 21, 2018

A-Class Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay: No racing for Day 4

Photo by Gordon Upton. As The Admiral reports, Australian winds blow too hard for the A-Cat fleet to go out racing. For some action check Video from Day 3, a series good drone shots of  three races held in progressive building breeze, published by David Shipton , check his fb as cannot be embedded.
Worlds current results here.

Day 4 report by Ben Hall:
"Today we woke up to a building Northwesterly  breeze which created a big shore break. The AP went up at 9 and the wind kept building. When they finally called it for the day it was blowing a steady 25 knots. And after that it built to puffs over 30. And they say tomorrow will even be windier...welcome to Australia. Friday looks light so we should be able to get in a couple of races. Then the flurry to load the container.

Tonight we have the “ Pink and gray galah”.  Lots of walking around the boat park measuring stuff, talking smack and all agreeing that a day of rest was much needed. Probably more of the same tomorrow...and of course full on preparation for our Thanksgiving feast with 30 guests...more pictures to follow.

Next report when the wind dies down.
Wind blown in Oz
The Admiral