Nov 14, 2018

A-Class Australian Nats 2019: Day 3 Results

Some great shots by Paula Kopylowicz/Exploder and Gordon Upton/ , click pics for orig size & sildeshow, more at IACA fb and Exploder fb. Gordon reports that Ashby led three races but had a mast rotation in race 4 which put him down to 5th.
Seems R2 from yesterday, which was finished at the second top mark was deleted or removed from the score, surely on a protest but no much info at the moment.

Glenn Ashby maintains lead, Darren Bundock keeps scoring low for second overall and Mischa in third.

Brewin is hitting the 7th place wall, but the key regatta will be next week. The Kiwis are getting used to the A again, Burling 24, 1&3 for the day while Tuke 29,4&9 climbing to 9th overall with a 29th to discard as the event advance.

In the Classics division (flaoting mode) Landy is dominating with 5 bullets out of 6 races. Scott Anderson all 2nd places for equal overall position.
Ben Hall 4,12,5 with the Nikita today and holds 6th overall. The Admiral is the oldest sailor in the entire fleet.

Later more reports if available from Australia.
Updates by Gordon Upton on Race 2 from yesterday:
"Confirmed with Big Boss: Basically, the 2nd race was 20+kts, so they'd decided to shorten course. However, by the time the message had reached the top mark layer and got him into position, Glenn was approaching/rounding the mark fast.

 So they tried to shorten at the bottom mark but in the windy conditions they couldn't get the anchor up fast enough and couldn't get the gate boat in position. In the resulting confusion, mainly caused by sailors not seeing or noticing the S flag and their concentration would be on rounding in the midst of other boats, in 22kts, some missed it and did an additional lap. In the end, after 1 1/2 hrs of trying to work out the actual lap times, the PRO decided it was best to can the whole race as there were too many discrepancies in the whole thing"
Update II: Day 3 Report  by Ben Hall :

"Day 2 of racing was a welcome relief to all the sailors with light to moderate breezes.
With the lighter breezes ,however, the results did not change too much.

On the Classic course the first race was in 5-7 knots. Upwind was in an out on the wire and downwind totally mild thing. Landy again won the pin with me right on his hip. Unfortunately when we both tacked about 100 meters after the start we both over stood the windward mark.

Scott Anderson and Landy again battled it out but in the end Graham Parker slipped by to win. The wind built nicely for race 2 (about 10-13). This was ideal for some of of the top guys to trap downwind but most of the fleet worked hard to wild thing and maximize their VMG.

Landy won again with Scottie second (is this getting boring?). On the first upwind rounding I broke my tiller extension while in 5th. Fortunately I had an internal string installed and was able to finish the race and sail upwind on the wire...ever try steering with a string...ha...luckily I did not have to make too many port tack ducks. After the race I was able to jury rig the tiller extension so I could sail the last race. Again the breeze built a bit now at about 12-15. I won the boat end and had a good first beat in the top four. Need a bunch of work on my downwind speed. Top guys made trapping work and others (Clare Neeskens especially) we’re low and fast. Great sailing Clare! Again Landy and Scottie 1,2.

I did not get a chance to talk to many of the Foilers after their 3 races but got a few tidbits. Bruce Mahoney said the first race in the light stuff took them almost and hour and half to complete...ahh if only a few Classics were sailing on that course.

Glenn won the day with 1,5,1. The top of the fleet will compress when they get their first throw out. Anyone’s guess who will be on podium. But no question the level of expertise in the top ten is amazing....what a change from four years ago in Takapuna when the foiling was in its infancy.
Today is the last day of racing in the Aussie Nationals. Forecast is for light to moderate wind again. Hopefully I still have enough gas in the tank to sail the far so good.
The rest of the American and Canadian Team arrive today so it will be a flurry of activity unloading the container and rigging up. The Polish container is still in Brisbane waiting for customs clearance. Skeels, Krantz, Tracy, and Bruce M have boats in that container...fingers crossed it gets released today!

Hervey Bay is not only a great sailing venue but it has some of the most spectacular eco system. Yesterday Mike and Rebecca Krantz and Nan took a trip to Fraser Island with a guide driving a Land Cruiser. They got up close and personal to Kangaroos, Dingos, Kookaburras, fresh water eels, and Pythons...eeek. Not to mention miles of sandy beaches, fresh water lakes, rain forests and incredible natural beauty....sorry I missed that adventure."

Team North America will be ready soon...
Admiral out

Top ten Open, full results here

Pos Sail No Skipper Club R1 R3 R4 R5 Total Nett
1 111 Glenn Ashby AUS 111 1 1 5 1 8 8
2 15 Darren Bundock AUS 88 2 8 2 4 16 16
3 43 Mischa Heemskerk NED 007 6 4 3 8 21 21
4 1 Steven Brewin AUS 4 5 7 7 7 26 26
5 106 Peter Burling NZL 7 3 24 1 3 31 31
6 5 Mark Bulka AUS 16 16 2 9 6 33 33
7 25 Stephen Brayshaw AUS 25 8 21 6 2 37 37
8 45 Jacek Noetzel POL 1 15 9 8 5 37 37
9 105 Blair Tuke NZL 777 4 29 4 9 46 46
10 68 Thomas Johnson AUS 1065 11 15 10 19 55 55

Top ten Classic , full results here
Pos Sail No Skipper Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Total Nett
1 71 Andrew Landenberger AUS 308 1 1 1 -3 1 1 8 5
2 65 Scott Anderson AUS 31 -2 2 2 2 2 2 12 10
3 49 Alberto Farnesi SWE 59 5 SCP 5 SCP 5 SCP -7 3 4 29 22
4 86 Graeme Parker AUS 967 6 10 8 1 4 (39 DNF) 68 29
5 77 Matt Johnson AUS 49 4 5 4 -29 6 11 59 30
6 99 Ben Hall USA 99 -23 7 5 4 12 5 56 33
7 55 Trevor Brown AUS 67 -11 9 11 9 5 3 48 37
8 81 Paul Neeskens AUS 954 5 6 9 -20 10 8 58 38
9 95 William Michie AUS 27 10 12 7 5 7 -18 59 41
10 82 Clare Neeskens AUS 987 -16 16 16 6 8 6 68 52