Oct 11, 2018

A-Class: Humpybash Spring Regatta, October 20-21 , 2018

Photo Lox Pix / Queensland A-cat Association  /  Queensland States Championships 2017 held at Humpybong YC. - Below Humpybash Sprign Regatta info sent by Mark Dawson.
Top Australian and International sailors head for Humpybash Spring Regatta.
Australian and International sailors are expected to gather in Brisbane on October 20 and 21 for Humpybong Yacht Club’s annual Humpybash Regatta.

The event in Bramble Bay attracts hundreds of competitors and their families to compete in monohull and catamaran classes.
Humpybash this year is also one of the last key tune up regattas for the Australian and World championships of the high performance A class catamarans which is seeing the arrival of top sailors
with America’s Cup experience and the elite of premier International competitive racing.

The A class remains the fastest single handed small catamaran in the world.

Humpybong Yacht Club president David Begley said the action starts off Woody Point with three races on Saturday 20 October 2018 and a marathon event on Sunday 21st October.

Humpybash has junior racing which are run separate to the main regatta, and which has attracted keen interest with large numbers of young competitors coming from throughout South East Queensland and even as far as Northern New South Wales

Race control officers will be working to ensure spectators can view the on and off water activities from the many Woody Point vantage points including the jetty.

Mr Begley said Queensland is home to some of the nations leading A cat sailors including Matt Homan, Peter Bradbury, Lou Zylstra, Leon McNeil and Andrew Chaney.

The National and World championships are attracting over 100 top national and international level competition sailors to Hervey Bay in November. Sailors for each event are coming from America, England, Europe including Italy, Spain, France, and Holland. A significant New Zealand contingent are also competing.

“The A class are a one person high tech twin hull craft with a tall mast and sail. Each A class weighs just 75 kilograms fully rigged. They are made with lightweight but immensely strong carbon fibre masts, beams, centreboards, rudders and customised lightweight rigging, ropes and controls.

Foiling A class catamarans skim the water using curved centreboards and T piece rudders which lift the entire craft out of the water and reach amazing speeds in light to medium winds. Sailors are on the trapeze and foiling in about 6-8 knots of wind. “

Downwind the foilers easily exceed 20 knots and are a spectacular sight. Mr Begley said

The non foiling catamarans are still fast machines and especially going to windward challenge the foilers for the lead.

Mr Begley said a large number of competitors have registered to date but we expect numbers to rise further as racers finalise their travel, transport and accommodation plans.

Further information on Humpybash Regatta is available from the

Humpybong yacht club website, HYC.net.au.

A class National and Worlds information is available on the

Australian International A Division Association, http://www.a-cat.org.au/

Mr Begley said as with all major events at Humpybong, overnight camping will be available to competitors and their families.

Media contact David Begley Mobile: 0402 422 447

email sailing@hyc.net.au