Sep 9, 2018

New Foiling D35 Prototype Foils tested

Some months ago we reported that the D35 Class was planning a new foiling platform for the future. Now the news are becoming real with this Unofficial fb video  published by Jan Eckert, (check it below, if you cannot watch it or not loading here is the direct fb link) a D35 helm who races the D35 Trophy with his team Django. Jan reports being the "TF35" Prototype, this cat featured in the video is actually an Easy to Fly platform fitted with the new T Foils developed by a known group of designers.
Foils are 3pt conf running system, and all 4 foils are T Foil types, vertical section has an inverted curved and its features flaps and seemingly full electronic flight control system.

The info I have that this setup will surpass any current multihull foil conf, and they are targeting calm winds racing too, as D35 Regattas are mostly held in light winds. Early lift off is targeted along matching current D35 floating performance in light winds, which will be a tough task to achieve, as the D35 is simply the unbeaten beast in those conditions.

Foiling looks pretty stable in this teaser, but remember the foils will need to have an efficient drag component in calm weather racing.

More info when available officially. Video below (click "Continue Reading") :

Little demo of the TF35 lab.... upwind foiling in 6kts TwS.....thx to Arnaud, Luc (the guy with the helmet is responible for the electronic system....) and Yves....
Published by Jan Eckert.

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