Sep 17, 2018

F101 Mono Foiler

Photos sent by Rob Andrews. The F101 looks like a truly functional monofoiler. The side floaters or amas make life easier for those wanting to learn and the big volume central hull provides enough support to put two people on board. Still much fiberglass / platform for a monofoiler  (it weights 75kg just like an A-Class) , but rather simpler say than an S9, White Formula or an Ifly 15 double T foils wand system flying Cats, thus the F101 should had more attractive prices. Note the wand position behind the main Foil which calls for less systems and cables.

On the lift and stability:  Being able to fly with a crew its  a good proof of the F101 abilities and what you can expect from it.

Contact Rob Andrews at for more info on the F101.
Below comments sent by Rob on current devel and scheduled events of the newly formed Class.
Rob Andrews : " The F101 production is just starting to ramp up with boats in USA, China, Spain, Italy, France and UK, with more coming from dealer interest in Canada and Australia. We also have events starting to take place with the next TRIBAL gathering in Spain, Mar Menor from Nov 9 - 12th.

We call it TRIBAL gathering as the class association is called the F101 TRIBE, where we use modern social communications and allow the Tribe to decide the event and boat strategy that we follow, truly being run for the owners of the F101. As part of that process we are to trial some innovative events and scoring that allow people to share boats or bring along a friend and the format allows them to compete at a level that suits them, rather than fitting in with the one option that is defined by the event organizer.

As for the boat, its great versatility has been the true surprise, being able to:
- Foil with your friends, family etc (Alan recently sailed with his daughters and on another sail his Father of 82!)
- Introduce people of all ability to foiling (we use the BB Talking headsets to communicate with the sailor)
- Allow more serious sailors to chase goals of speed, tuning and foiling manoeuvres.

- Long, central hull places the rudder and main foil further apart, removing some of the limitations and bad habits that other foiling boats suffer from.
- All carbon construction: main hull, foils, floats, beams, 2 piece mast.
- Very simple, well thought out control systems.
- All up weight: 75 kg.
- Length 5.4m.
- Beam 2.55m.
- Sail area: 9.0m2 main + 5.5m2 gennaker.
- Target crew weight range: 70-120 kg.
- Take off wind speed: 8 kts.
- Target boat speed range: 10-25 kts.

More info at :