Aug 18, 2018

Nacra 15 Europeans 2018 @Lake Como: Cittadini & Romairone 1st

Photos by Arg Team. Official images from Laurens Morel available at Nacra Racing fb.-
What a joy seeing a new generation of Argentinian kids racing cats, and even to this level. Dante Cittadini & Teresa Romairone have shown this season (their first racing one) they have some serious talent. Past months they finished 4th at the first Nacra 15 Worlds, later they won the Nacra 15 Youth Worlds and yesterday they crowned themselves 2018 Nacra 15 European Champs.

Just spoke with Nico Aragones, who along Nicolás Schargorodsky , is coaching Dante & Teresa.
The Arg team has been training hard this winter in Buenos Aires, alone of course as no N15 or youth fleet available yet. That hard training in the cold choppy waters payed off big time for their newly learnt catsailing handling, but is clear the kids have grownup competition skills of their own. The've previously sailed Optis & 29ers, which was the standard path for perf sailing in Arg.

The Nacra 15 Europeans were defined in the last race. BEL, ITA & ARG all had chances for the title.
The Italian crew scored a bullet in R12, putting them in good position  for the last one. The Arg crew needed to finish two pts ahead of them and wait for Bel to score +7.

Last race the Southamericans were 5th, Ita just behind in 6th. Both team pursuing the leading pack , both managed to improve their positions to 2nd and 4th, 100mts to the finish line and Spagnoli-Fava got into right of way situation and were left to 8th place, with Demesmaeker-van Eupen getting a 9th the Arg team thought they finished the regatta in 2nd overal.
It was until they reached shore they realized they've won the event.

Impressive display under pressure for Cittadini & Romairone, crowning a season to remember and sill looking forward to the 2018 Youth Olympics to be held here in Buenos Aires.

Although we always criticized the N15 selection as Youth Multi, it seems the participation and close relation to the Nacra 17 heritage is providing a good competitive platform for the kids to make they way up.

We are watching future World & Olympics champs on the making without a doubt.

Final results not published yet, below transcript from a photo sent by the Arg team.
Updated final results thanks to Pieter Oskam link here

Pos Flag Helm Crwe R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 R13 Net
1 ARG146 Dante Cittadini Teresa Romairone 4 2 x15 6 4 5 2 x7 7 2 4 4 2 42
2 BEL133 Henri Demesmaeker Dominique van Eupen x15 1 8 5 2 4 1 1 5 5 2 x11 10 44
3 ITA29 Andrea Spagnoli Guilia Fava 10 x18 5 x24 3 2 4 2 8 1 3 1 8 47
4 SUI83 Arnaud Grange Marie van der Klink x37 3 2 12 6 6 5 4 4 x31 8 2 13 65
5 NED27 Laila van der Meer Bjarne Bouwer 7 x12 x24 9 7 1 10 3 6 3 4 5 11 66

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