Aug 5, 2018

Raid Worlds 2018 @CVB Erquy: Champanhac & Dhallenne, Champs

All images by Jasper van Staveren / - Complete gallery at F18 International Fb page.
Champanhac Benoit & Hugo Dhallenne were crowned today as the 2nd official F18 Raid World Champions sailing a Nacra Infusion MKII with standard main sail.
Raids are  a great asset of the F18 Class, the Worlds of this discipline was proposed by Lars Linder in 2016 and the first was held last year at the 2017 Archipelago Raid.

Thanks to Jasper van Staveren photos Erquy have shown to be a worthy place to held more Raid Worlds in the future, aside the Course racing one already held in 2000 and 2010.
This kind of images are the nr 1 promotional material a Class can have. As no written report without pictures can match the great takes Jasper provided once more.

Check final results at CVB Erquy web