May 30, 2018

La Stampa interview with Bertarelli: " America's Cup has become a game for engineers. I will not be there"

Photo: Pedro Martinez / GC32 Worlds. As we wrote past week Ernesto Bertarelli can actually sail & helm on a good level of performance a foiling GC32s or D35s for the matter.
Something not many AC level team owners can match.

So aside his AC deeds Bertarelli is a sailor you can respect on his own skills. On an interview made by La Stampa , he remarks how engineers will win the Cup now (remember our Push Button Foiling article from last Cup, not even to start addressing again new monohull awkward monster by TNZ & Luna Rossa)  and  praise the GC32 Class, (as we have done since day one too) which is in our opinion the best Class out here combining performance with sailors own power handling.

In other comments Bertarelli confirms also he wont be participating in next Cup, he calls the new monsters "Multis disguise as Monohulls" and will continue to participate in the GC32 Class (we add along current & future new D35s design).

For more details on his own words check Sail-World translation and detailed comments by Richard Gladwell here and original Italian  Stampa Interview here