Apr 29, 2018

A-Class German Nats 2018 @Scheweriner Cat Cup: Day 1

Photos & report sent by  Christian Schaefer & Results by Lars Schroder -  Nice pic of the new Dna F1x foil, which as noted took Exploder D3 concave horizontal section concept, as Exploder took ideas from DNAs first Z. As always it is an evolution game, and with time hull and foil designs converge towards the most proven solution. On the F1x  it seems Mischa continues with teething issues for the new platform.
Report by Christian Schaefer: "On Friday Mischa gave a training for 8 boats, l was for the afternoon with him on the rib. Strong danish participation.

Yesterday (April 28th) race committee managed  to send the 33 boat fleet in five races, making the most out of available wind.  Conditions have been tricky for participants with very patchy, narrow lanes of wind, allowing for gains when getting quickly enough on the foils before wind was over.

Thomas Paasch showed the most consistent results with a first place on leaderboard, followed by Roeland Wentholt and Matthias Dietz, who is currently best German in the fleet.
Mischa got his grip on conditions in third race, which had the best wind conditions so far. In last race he had been forced out by mechanical issues.
The last two races have seen Martin Bach in the lead on its classic DNA, a move up that wasn‘t achieved by other classic boats in the fleet.

Forecast for Sunday is not too promising wind-wise, event schedule allows for sailing until Monday however.

On the material side, Misha and Mike Moedlhammer are using the latest F1x, boards apparently got an update since Campione according to boatpark chats.

Please find attached PDF of intermediate results, pic of AUT 96 foil, start of first race.
As we had a drone in the air quite some time as well as professional photographer on media boat, have an eye on the fb page of event for more pics and vids:
Top ten below, full results here

Pos Flag
SubClass Club R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 Tot
1 DEN 1 Thomas Paasch Foiling SKS 2 1 [7] 2 2 7
2 NED 95 Roeland wentholt Foiling Hellecat 1 2 2 6 [18] 11
3 GER 3 Matthias Dietz Foiling SLRV 3 6 [8] 4 5 18
4 POL 111 Michal Korneszczuk Foiling YCG 7 3 4 8 [20] 22
5 GER 76 Helmut Stumhof Foiling SCC 8 5 6 [11] 4 23
6 GER 57 Martin Bach Klassisch MSV [15] 10 13 1 1 25
7 GER 5 Klaus Raab Foiling SCFF 5 4 12 7 [dnf] 28
8 CZE 1 Vladislav Ptasnik Foiling
4 9 9 9 [24] 31
9 GER 6 Rainer Bohrer Foiling TSVU 11 8 [20] 10 6 35
10 DEN 77 Tom Bojland Foiling Skovshoved 6 [19] 15 3 12 36

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