Apr 18, 2018

A-Class: Scheurer G7, 2018 Foils upgrade

Platform Images sent by Sandro Caviezel / Scheurer Bootswerft. Las year Scheurer launched a radical version of the G7. With a extreme forward beam position and two mast steps setups available. It was the logical path towards a fulll foiling A-Class, as Arno Terra already envisioned for his Flying Carpet I draw for him back in 2015. That concept was never built but Dna grabbed many features from that one for the F1 and the G7 used almost the same forward beam placement as we draw, we also had a short 8mts mast. But that was only a cad render. Concepts are proven only on the water and specially on the course for a racing cat like the A.

Many of  these aspects implemented on the G7 on their own R&D plus the Kite foil winglets showed excellent performance upwind on the tests done early past year at Garda.

Later at Sopot, the Z22 foil from Exploder proved to be superior design and forced Dna & Scheurer to go for new foil devel.
Exploder tested a more forward beam & dagger case position for the D3 but went back. We still think Scheurer is on the right path with their platform layout and it is a matter of fine tuning and the right foils to make it work at its potential.

After several studies this past European winter, Sandro & Daniel Caviezel have selected foils above. They resemble the Exploder D3 Z22, but with marked kinks and unique rounded elliptical tip.
This new main foil devel for the G7 platform maintains the kitefoil style rudders, which are unique in the production series for an A-Cat.

Initial tests look promising on the video we posted today, also available below.
I really hope these new foils to work , as we wrote earlier today on the upwind foiling video, this platform along Landenberger super smooth short mast DS sail cut (photo above from Sopot) will surely become the standard in the future 100% A-Class.

Below some comments by Sandro on the new foils:
" We simulated around 78 different daggerboards, the
design goal was to keep the minimum drag possible along the top speed of the old dagger foil and gain a little bit more stability and therefore a better average speed translating in less chrashes.

These new foils require daggerboard cases, but beams positions , rudders and else remain unscathed from 2017 G7.

We added some some options in winglet size depending on sailor weight and we also improved the rake Systems for daggerboard and rudders rake controls.
All adjustable while sailing from the wire

We think the short mast is faster and holds really well in light winds. The rig is an 8.3mts mast equipped with a Landenberger radial designed specially for this mast, we have a membrane version to be tested soon.
Video foiling upwind:

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