Mar 28, 2018

Scorpion F18 Training Camp by Paschalidis & Trigonis

Video by Paschalidis & Trigonis Sailing Team. The experienced Greek crew is now full immersed with the Formula 18 after their debut together at the 2017 Worlds. Later they won a competitive lineup at St Barts and they continue to put hours on the Class.
They have organized their first F18 Training Camp with five Exploder Scorpions equipped with 1D Sails. More info on the camp here.

Video above in flat waters, but nevertheless super smooth rides. Which is the common feedback I have from many different sailors, specially the "floating/foiling" (sic)  sensation, that can be assigned to the combination of a flat transom with more rounded forward crossections.

When you assign flat crossections to bow specially , you will feel an annoying splash in small chop or waves. A feature I had in mind when designing the Scorpion. Glad it worked as intended.

2018 F18 Europeans  & 2018 F18 Worlds at Sarasota coming this season.
Epoxy rule , as informed is now approved and in place. Epoxy F18s will be allowed to race the 2018 Europeans and the 2018 Worlds.

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