Mar 7, 2018

Phantom 'Ultimate' new feature : Aero snuffer/chute

Latest addition to Phantom line foiler, the 'Ultimate'. It is an aero snuffer/chute , which looks quite similar to the one Brett Burvill showed at the recent Australian F18 Nats.
Alex comments they have it designed over a year ago.
Still looks a clon of Burvill's Edge implementation

Brett's aero package was tested in a breezy regatta and we didn't saw the chute/lower DS Jib cut adding any performance gain, at least in those windy conditions. But Brett remarked the new hardware also provided excellent support for the crew to tack in front mast, due to the DS main sail configuration reducing space to tack under the sail.

Alex comments that the aero chute was not featured on first renders as they had concerns as the carbon package was not parallel to the air flow, but they are implementing it the same on facilitating life onboard for the crew, as noted by Burvill's own comments.

Being a copy or not is secondary, we all grab best features of proven platforms, I think the main thing is recognizing those who did it first, in this case Brett Burvill / Windrush Edge.

Phantom affirms they have it designed a while ago, the important aspect is that crews on the FP 'Ultimate' will have an additional step and possibly a anti wipe out device, which is a key safety feature for foiling cats.

The main  functionality I want to see from the 'Ultimate' is 100% foiling time, that will be the real measure for this new platform.

More info on the FP Ultimate :