Mar 19, 2018

Flying Phatom Series @Muscat 2018: Solune & Rucard 1st

All pics by Lloyd Images / ESS.  The Flying Phantom Series is the only OD foiling cat circuit that has gained some momentum. We've spoke many times on Class to gather several different designs, but not much racing double handed foiling cats are on the market yet.

At Muscat, Solune Robert & Antoine Rucard won ahead Olympic NZ sailors Olivia Mackay-Micah Wilkinson. Third place for long time F18 sailors Charles Hainneville & Pierre Yves-Durand.
Pierre Le Clainche & Arnaud Vasseur finished in 5th place.

The FP Series calendar for 2018:
- Quiberon , May 18-21
- Barcelona, June 14-17
- Portugal, (TBC) July 5-8
- Cardiff , August 24-27

More info here

Muscat standings after Day 4, 24 races (17.03.18)
Position / Team / Points
1st Team France Jeune (FRA) Solune Robert, Antoine Rucard 483 points.
2nd Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) Olivia Mackay, Micah Wilkinson 474 points.
3rd Idreva Zephyr Foiling (FRA) Charles Hainneville, Pierre-Yves Durand 446 points.
4th Culture Foil (FRA) Nicolas Ferellec, Théo Constance 426 points.
5th Flying Frogs (FRA) Pierre Le Clainche, Arnaud Vasseur 397 points.
6th UON (POR) José Cladeira, Helder Basilio 365 points.
7th EVO Visian ICL (GER) Raphael Neuhann, Elias Neuhann 357 points.
8th Masterlan (CZE) David Krizek, Zdenek Adam 314 points.

Flying Phantom Series 2018 overall standings
Position / Team / Points
1st Team France Jeune (FRA) 20 points
2nd Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 19 pts
3rd Idreva Zephyr Foiling (FRA) 18 pts
4th Culture Foil (FRA) 17 pts
5th Flying Frogs (FRA) 16 pts
6th UON (POR) 15 pts
7th EVO Visian ICL (GER) 14 pts
8th Masterlan (CZE) 13 pts