Feb 18, 2018

Super Foiler Grand Prix @Queensland: Euroflex 1st

All images Thierry Martinez Sea & Co / Andrea Francolini / Super Foiler Grand Prix. More pics here & here.  Euroflex , with Nathan Outteridge, Glenn Ashby & Iain Jensen dominate the third event of the first Super Foiler Grand Prox season. But the other teams are catching up with more hours on the SF machines. Paul Cambpell James (IDintranet) manage to win a race when Jensen fall out and almost got cut in half below Euroflex SF ama.
It was the most dangerous situation I've seen so far in the series. Check here for the footage.

Aside that the series are providing much entertainment and it will be even more fun to watch when the rest of the teams put more hours on the beasts.
Tech 2 also was too close to win a race on Saturday over Euroflex, when the Outteridge gybed in front of them on the finish line, Tech 2 headed up to avoid collision and finished 1 sec behind.

In the process two crews where literally expelled from the boat, the inertial force was too much to bare for the sailors.

The Super Foiler is delivering , unique & interesting project in spite of the initial skepticism. Maybe not the most refined or best looking weapons , but these boats are achieving 35knots already, it is tricky to handle , requires finesse and concentration for the 3 crews onboard and plenty of physical demand.  Definitely as special Multihull foiler racer.

Will be interesting to compare against the coming "Speed Foiler"  project from Roland Gaebler , a powered up 20' cat designed by Fischer.

Results from Queensland & more info at superfoiler.com/events/gold-coast/

Live replays links worth to watch: Saturday & Sunday.
Highlights at Super Foiler Youtube Channel
Official web : superfoiler.com/