Feb 26, 2018

Nacra launches the Infusion MKIII: Epoxy & Convertible.

Those who have been reading the web since day one , will know that the Nacra Infusion, designed by Morrelli & Melvin is one of our favorite cat designs.
The Infusion is the quintessential F18 , and along the C2 (evolution of Fischer orig Capricorn) have established the new status quo the Class got after the reign of the legendary Hobie Tiger.

Since its launch in 2006 the Infusion has grabbed several World Titles: 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014 & 2015 and keeps being a performer.
Latest report we posted on the Infusion equipped with a DS showed the platform, hull & appendage designs are quite upto date and responding to the new speeds provided by the Decksweeper mainsails.

Still Nacra decided to offer our own recipe mix: Epoxy & Convertible. A concept I presented to the F18 World Council in 2016 and was later put on a formal proposal by James Baeckler (FRA), Sanyi Roka (HUN) & Gianni Fantasia (ITA) , all representing their respective National Associations, the proposal was later voted almost unanimously and the epoxy resin rule will be in place just before the Europeans 2018 regatta.

For the convertible part (an F18 being able to be equipped with lifting foils while not racing) it was ruled that as long the F18 is fully class legal while F18 Class racing, there is no need to add any specific rules on the matter, thus any F18 carrying a convertible dagger case is 100% legal.

Many didn't get the idea towards it first,  but now is clear how this will push new sales for F18s and will contribute to keep the F18 "Spirit" alive , which basically is:  Leading in fleet numbers & platform alternatives ad Infinitum (& beyond) .
Any other concept assigned to  that "Spirit", and  you are simply sailing the wrong Class.

We launched the idea on the Scorpion , and was firstly implemented by Cirrus on their R2, now Nacra adopts the convertible concept in the F18 and adds the epoxy component to it.

On the MKIII features, hulls are kept unscathed. A new dagger case shape is put in place to be able to load straight boards or Z ones (a la N17 or A-Class). Epoxy as noted and a modification of the daggercase position more forward (in front of shrouds) following the trend initiated by Martin Fisher in the Wildcat, later on the Phantom and also adopted by us on the Scorpion.
Also a targeted 173kg, which is Class legal limit.

Add to that package a nice looking DS, established in the F18 by Mischa Heemskerk 2017 title, but also tested by Steve Brewin, and you'll have the coolest & most versatile double handed Class out here.

Sarasota Worlds 2018 will be one key event, as all major brands will be following Mischa's Scorpion & DS from past Worlds. So we will be seeing a leveled field in terms of sail development. Still Danny Paschalidis & Kostas Trigonis won at St Barts on a Scorpion / DS vs some top designs/riders also using Decksweepers, but the real Design test will be next 2018 Worlds to be held in the US East Coast.

Word is Larsen will be back to defend his 2015 title obtained with Fer wan West in Germany. The Infusion MKIII will be their weapon of choice and we hope to see another epic battle.

The F18 is quite alive and we are more than glad to contribute in any way we can to its perpetual success. As the 2016 draft proposal asserted : ..."the F18 can become the only double handed cat you'll ever need."