Feb 8, 2018

F18 Arg: Mar del Plata Sailing Week 2018 Day 2 by Cappizzano

All images Matias Capizzano / Semana Internacional del Yachting 2018. Lighter winds today at Mar del Plata. DS vs Standard sail continued with 1,2,1, 5 for Gonzalez Smith - Heuser (Infusion / 1D DS)  vs Blando-Quagliotti (Phantom / SI std main)  scoring 2,1,3,2  sailing a tricky course race with lulls / pleny of shifts.

On DS vs Std, discussion is way over by now, you have a noticeable edge with breeze and you can maintain pace in clam, as all the regattas we've been seeing in the F18 since Mischa swept the 2017 Worlds at Denmark.

If you stay standard you better expect light winds for your regatta, as if breeze shows up , vs a similar skills level crew with DS, you are done!

This is definitely F18 v3.0 , established by Mischa & Stephan in Denmark Worlds with the Scorpion & the Decksweeper Mainsail.

Results for all classes at siy.org.ar/frontend/news/listado/53/2.

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