Jan 1, 2018

New 30' Performance Cruiser: Grainger 920

Click images for hd & slideshow. - After getting the Scorpion F18 a reality, for 2018 our goal is to see this Weapon built!  Past weeks I've been lucky enough to witness the developing & design process of this new weapon by Tony Grainger.  Later in the week will write in more detail about how this concept growth, the idea behind it and how Grainger to put it on paper.
For now admire those lines by Tony plus his press release below, also visit his web more info :  graingerdesigns.net

How to cruise in a boat that has style and performance, yet doesn’t cost more than your house and overtake your life at the expense of other commitments and pursuits?

Cruising boats are typically large and expensive. They often fail the test of the fun factor because their performance doesn’t cut the cake. Until now sailing cats in the under 40’ size range have failed to deliver on a cohesive blend of performance, style and a realistic layout for socialising and cruising. We’ve set out to change all that by creating a cruising boat that combines fun, affordability and performance.

We’ve been creative. We’ve taken Martin Vanzulli’s vision for small cruising cat that can comfortably navigate the shallow and sometimes choppy water of the Rio de la Plata, and provide the level of performance and comfort that multihull sailors have come to expect.

A cat that could proudly race and extend the cruising range when your free time has boundaries.

We’ve created a layout that caters for socialising and living space without detracting from the sailing functionalities of the boat. We’ve incorporated hull shapes that are sleek, slippery, stylish and provide an adequate payload for an extended adventure.

For Grainger 920 we’ve deployed our skills and experience with high performance racing multihulls to craft a modern stylish cruising cat that will put a smile on your face when the boards go down and the sails go up. In a world where the temptation is to go larger for more space and more comfort we’ve put the focus on a cat that delivers on performance and the ability to cruise without creating a boat so large it will take over your life.

For those who love to sail and can see themselves in a Grainger 920

Get in contact and talk to us about your aspirations. Tell us where you sail, what kind of boat you own if you’re an owner. Put forward any creative suggestions you might have for making the Grainger 920 even better. What frustrates you about the offerings currently in the market, what do you like that is out there already? In return we’ll provide you with the latest information on the Grainger 920 project.

Manufacturers and Marine Professionals
We’re reaching out to professionals in manufacturing, materials, engineering and the other technologies that come together to make the Grainger 920 a state of the art multihull sailing yacht in every respect. Contact us now for the latest information and to discuss the opportunities and how you might become involved.

Tony Grainger