Jan 24, 2018

F18 Official Ruling on Decksweeper Jibs / Rigging

Official Ruling by the IF18CA on the new Decksweeper Jib , mainly on double bridles , cables or dyneema. I agree on the ruling,  if someone wants to lower tack needs to reinforce hulls and prove the system with lower bridles.
Only concern for me is as noted yesterday is that bowsprit vertical pre bend and lateral lines system also provides support to the mast. Basically is good tension on the bowsprit support lines you can disconnect bridles and that system will hold you mast up.
Which will have the same effect as the disguised lines from ruling below.
Jib & new snuffer system pics at catsailingnews.com/2018/01/f18-new-decksweeper-jib-interated.html

Eitherway the ruling is due and correct in my view ,  but with concerns above mentioned.
Best way to solve this  is to propose a rule change to lower jib tack, or reinfornce hulls and bet your chances with lower bridles.

IF18CA official annoucement here and embedded below:

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