Jan 29, 2018

F18 Martinique Cata Raid 2018: Martin & Gaté, Champs

All images by Martinique Cata Raid , more pics here -  Orion Martin & Charles Gaté (Cirrus R/ Nortrhop DS) won 5 out  6 stages to take the crown of the 2018 Martinique Cata Raid edition.
Below Press release sent by Martinique Cata Raid , translated from French.

Top 5
1 132 MARTIN Orion   GATE Charles      11:58:31      11:58:31:00
2 901 BOULOGNE Emmanuel   BOULOGNE Vincent   12:14:43      12:14:43:00      00:16:12
3 1508 CHAMPANHAC Benoit   DHALLENNE Hugo    12:28:37      12:28:37:00      00:30:06
4 FRA 29 GILLET Nicolas   POIX Nicolas       12:36:32      12:36:32:00      00:38:01
5 SUI 10 LUTZ ANDREAS   SCHLATTER Raymond    12:48:31      12:48:31:00      00:50:00

Full results here
With a 5th stage victory, Orion MARTIN and Charles GATE wins the Martinique Cata Raid 2018!

The last leg of the event was due with only 13 miles to go.
At the start with 20 knots of wind, the leaders of the classification were placed immediately at the forefront, without taking any risks, as except material breakage, the overall classification is unlikely to be modified, given the gaps created in the previous stages.

After a brief run towards the exit of the bay of Vauclin, Martin / Gaté, are now in the lead followed by the Swiss Lutz / Schlatter, Vincent and Emmanuel Boulogne and the crew Martinique GFA Caribbean Gillet / Poix.

The boats head towards Ilet LoupGarou, the gap is widened on this very technical edge.

Once passed the buoy LoupGarou the boats plunged to the Robert, under spinnaker.

At the finish, Orion Martin and Charles Gaté, took their 5th victory in 6 staged, timing 52 min and 46sec. The Swiss Andy Lutz and Raymond Schlatter take a nice 2nd place, at 48 sec, followed by Emmnuel and Vincent Boulogne at 1min 31 and by Nicolas Gillet and Nicolas Poix at 2min27.

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