Jan 10, 2018

C-Class: Rafale II by ETS

Rafale II is the new C-Class cat built by the students at ETS. Check project background first launched in 2015 here.  Below info sent by ETS on the Rafale II
Rafale Catamaran Class-C team
"For the next month, the team will be focused on the Foiling Week that will be held in Miami from the February 15th to 18th. The boat will be tested on water and the team will present its work during the event. The Foiling Week will be the perfect event to gain experience and to represent you in front of the nautical industry of tomorrow and composite players. More updates will come during the event.

Rafale II Cocktail.
It was a great pleasure to receive our partners at the Rafale II Cocktail on December 1st.
During the cocktail, the team exposed its work and was able to explain the design and manufacturing.