Jan 17, 2018

A-Class Worlds 2018 @Hervey Bay, Australia: Notice of Race

Photo: 2018 Worlds web www.sailherveybay.com.au. The  2018 A-Class worlds will be held at Hevey Bay , Australia and hosted by Hervey Bay Sailing Club.

Sunday 11th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Registration & Welcome Function
Monday 12th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 1
Tuesday 13th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 2
Wednesday 14th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 3
Thursday 15th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 4
The Pre-Worlds race days may constitute a regatta for the Australian National

Complete Notice or Race below, official web: www.sailherveybay.com.au

International A Class Catamaran World
Championship 2018

11th to 24th November 2018, Hervey Bay, Australia
The Organising Authority will be Sail Hervey Bay Inc. in conjunction with the
International A Division Catamaran Assn (IACA) under the authority of
Australian Sailing (AS).

Hosted by Hervey Bay Sailing Club located at 427 Charlton Esplanade, Torquay,
Queensland 4655, Australia

[DP] denotes a rule for which the penalty is at the discretion of the Jury. This changes RRS 64.1.

[NP] denotes that a breach of this rule shall not be grounds for protest by a boat, but may result in
a protest by the Race Committee, Technical Committee or Protest Committee This changes RRS
[SP] denotes a rule for which a standard penalty may be applied by the race committee without a
hearing. This changes RRS 63.1, Appendix A4 and Appendix A5.

1.1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of
Sailing (RRS).
1.2. The IACA Championship Rules will apply.
1.3. If there is a conflict between languages the English text will take precedence.

Boats may be required to display bow numbers and advertising chosen and supplied
by the organizing authority. If this rule is broken, World Sailing Regulation 20.9.2

3.1 The regatta is open to boats of the International A Division Catamaran class,
sailors of whom are current members of their respective country Association, which
will also be financial member of IACA.
3.2 Boats may compete in the following fleets:
 Open
 Classic Discipline
As per the IACA website http://www.a-cat.org/?q=node/7, the competitor
declares that “when racing in the classic discipline my boat whilst under my
control will have at least one hull in the water at all times.”
Definition of Classic Boat
1. The "classic discipline" A Class must fit all the current class rules.
2. Rule 8 is restricted to daggerboards having either a straight or constant curve
3.3 Competitors shall register on the event website: www.sailherveybay.com.au.
3.4 Each sailor shall present the following at registration:
3.4.1. The current measurement certificate or form of the hull, mast and sail.
3.4.2. Evidence of valid third-party liability insurance with a minimum cover of $AUD3
3.4.3. A parental authorisation for minors under 18 years old.

Entry Fee Pre-Worlds AUD $150
Worlds AUD $450
Late Entry Fee Worlds AUD $550 (if received after 30.09.2018)

5.1 The Schedule of racing and events
Sunday 11th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Registration & Welcome Function
Monday 12th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 1
Tuesday 13th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 2
Wednesday 14th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 3
Thursday 15th Nov 2018 Pre-Worlds Race Day 4
The Pre-Worlds race days may constitute a regatta for the Australian National

See AIADCA website for up to date information. http://www.a-cat.org.au/
Friday 16th Nov 2018 Worlds Registration
Saturday 17th Nov 2018 Worlds Registration
Saturday 17th Nov 2018 PM Worlds Welcome Function
Sunday 18th Nov 2018 Worlds Race Day 1
Monday 19th Nov 2018 Worlds Race Day 2
Tuesday 20th Nov 2018 Worlds Race Day 3
Wednesday 21st Nov 2018 Worlds Race Day 4
Thursday 22nd Nov 2018 Worlds Race Day 5
Friday 23rd Nov 2018 Worlds Race Day 6
Friday 23rd Nov 2018 PM Presentation of Prizes

5.2 12 Races in total are scheduled with a maximum of 3 races to be sailed in any
one day.
5.3 On the last scheduled day of racing no warning signal will be made after 15:00.

6.1 Measurement and equipment checks may be made at any time during the
6.2 Equipment inspection will be conducted in accordance with A Class Catamaran
Equipment Inspection Regulations. Sails, boats, and equipment must be measured
before arriving at the Championship. All competitors at registration must produce
valid and current measurement certificates for the hull, mast and sail. Refer to
6.3 The Equipment Inspection Regulations for the championship will be published on
the event website no later than 1st September 2018.

The sailing instructions will be available at registration, from the Regatta Office, and
posted on the official notice board.

8.1 The event shall be raced on the waters of Hervey Bay to the north and west of
the Hervey Bay Sailing Club. Lat, Long: -25.28453,152.8712.
8.2 Images of the venue and location are available on the event

9.1. The courses to be sailed will be Windward Leeward course as detailed in the
Sailing Instructions in accordance with IACA Championship Rules, Appendix 4. The
distance from start to Mark 1 will be at the discretion of the Race Officer.
9.2. Two race areas will be used concurrently. The Open fleet shall sail on Course A.
The Classic discipline fleet shall sail on Course B.

10.1 In addition to the rules designated [DP] - Discretionary Penalty, the Sailing
Instructions may include standard penalties [SP] to be applied by the race committee
without a hearing for specified rules. This will change RRS 63.1 and A5.
10.2 RRS 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn
10.3 In RRS 44.2 insert after the first sentence:
However, if Mark 1a is set, a boat may delay taking a penalty for an incident in the
zone around Mark 1 or on the leg between Mark 1 and Mark 1a, until she has passed
Mark 1a.
10.4 RRS 44.3(c) is deleted and replaced with:
The race score for a boat that takes a Scoring Penalty shall be the score she would
have received without that penalty, made worse by adding the number of places equal
to 30% of the difference between her finishing position score and the score for Did Not
Finish rounded to the nearest whole number (0.5 rounded upward). The scores of other
boats shall not be changed; therefore, two boats may receive the same score.
However, the penalty shall not cause the boat’s score to be worse than the score for
Did Not Finish.

11.1. An International Jury will be appointed in accordance with the RRS 91 (b).
11.2. Decisions of the International Jury will be final as provided in RRS 70.5.
11.3 An arbitration hearing may be conducted for protests lodged in accordance with
RRS 60.1(a) which allege an infringement of a rule of RRS Part 2 or Part 4 or RRS 31.
Such hearings will be held subsequent to the protest being lodged and prior to a
protest hearing. Hearings will be conducted in accordance with RRS Appendix T.

12.1. The Low Point System as in Appendix A of the RRS will be used.
12.2. Four (4) races are required to be completed to constitute a series.
12.3 When fewer than six (6) races have been completed, a boat’s series score will
be the total of her race scores.
12.4 When six (6) to eight (8) races have been completed, a boat’s series score will
be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score.
12.5 When nine (9) or more races have been completed, a boat’s score will be the
total of it’s race scores excluding the two (2) worst scores.

13.1. All support boats shall be registered with the Organising Authority and will be
required to comply with local legislation and the regatta support boat regulations as
outlined in this NoR and the Sailing Instructions. Attention is drawn to RRS 3. The
Organising Authority may refuse registrations and accept later registrations at their
sole discretion.
13.2. All support boats shall clearly display the three-letter national code of their
World Sailing National Authority at all times whilst afloat. The minimum height for the
letters shall be 300 mm and visible from both sides of the boat.
13.3. Support boats with team leaders, coaches and other support persons shall stay
outside the restricted areas as specified in the Sailing Instructions from the time of the
starting sequence until all boats have finished, or the race committee signals a
postponement, general recall or abandonment. Support boats shall comply with all
reasonable requests from a regatta official.
13.4 Support Boats shall carry an operating VHF radio capable of communications on
channels 16, 67, 69, 70, 71, 72,73 and 77 and shall monitor the Race Control channel
at all times while afloat.

14.1 Boats will be stored in the designated boat park – Torquay Caravan Park, 450
Charlton Esplanade Torquay. This park has direct access to the beach and the waters
of Hervey Bay.
14.2 Designated pens for individual boats will be established in the boat park and
boats shall be kept in their assigned pens.
15.1. Radio transmitters, radio receivers, portable phones and similar devices may be
carried but shall only be used in relation to emergencies.
15.2. Screen–less GPS tracker devices are allowed only if requested by the Race

16.1. Trophies or Prizes will be awarded to the Top 10 classified in both Open and
Classic discipline fleets.
16.2. The winner in each fleet will be awarded the title 2018 World Champion.
16.3. The following prizes will also be awarded in each fleet:
 Junior Champion (aged less than 25years)
 Master Champion (Aged 45-50)
 Grand Master Champion (Aged 51-55)
 Great Grand Master (Aged 56 and over)
 Woman Champion
Other prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Organizing Authority.

Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to
Race. The Organizing Authority will not accept any liability for material damage or
personal injury or death sustained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the

By entering the Championship competitors accept that they may be photographed
and/or videotaped participating in the race and/or using the regatta facilities and they
consent to the taking of such images and to the use, re-use, publication and
republication of such images in any media, in conjunction with the competitor’s name
or not, without compensation and without the competitor’s approval of such images or
any use thereof.

19.1. General: By signing the entry form, competitors shall comply with the following:
19.1.1. Put safety of yourself and competitors above race results;
19.1.2. Keep the boat park and sailing area clean of any debris;
19.1.3. Do not leave the beach to sail without the necessary safety precautions.
19.2. All competitors are strongly advised to wear a safety helmet which complies
with or is accredited to EN1385 at all times whilst racing.
20.1 Competitors and their support crews are requested to comply with directions as
given by the designated Beach and Boat Park Manager.
20.2 All competitors shall park their boats in the designated boat pens
20.2 An area has been designated for containers.
20.3 Except for the launching and retrieval of boat trailers, no cars shall be parked in
the Boat Park
20.4 Some areas for trailers may be available but competitors are strongly
encouraged to take trailers offsite.
20.5 Support Boats and their trailers may be stored at the Hervey Bay Sailing Club
Carpark or at the Urangan Marina (Buccaneer Avenue Urangan).

Information about accommodation in Hervey Bay is located on the event website:
www.sailherveybay.com.au .

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