Dec 5, 2017

Patagonia Cruising Dec 2017

Dec 3 2017, Patagonia Argentina. Location: Near Puerto Madryn / Rawson / Bahía Camarones.

Every year I get a set of great shots from our South. These are the best cats we've built. Fully equipped, and enduring the harsh Patagonian winds.  My friend & client is now building himself a 40'Alu Cruiser to extend their raids offshore the Argentinian coast.

Design for this new Alu cruiser was made by Volker Sr. , built  entirely in Aluminum. Generating this kind of passion for Catsailing is surely one of my best rewards.
Also another friend from the F18 has brought a Leopard 40, slowly we will get people here to start sailing Multis at every level.

Now I have another of my beachcat clients with whom we are analyzing to build a 30' for our local market here in BA. Of course if done it will be designed by Tony Grainger, who else if not? More info on that project soon.

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