Dec 12, 2017

In Memoriam: Ian Farrier

All images - Ian Farrier passed away this week. If there is a sailor & designer who has influenced the Sailing community and market towards Multihulls, Farrier is at the top of that list along Hobie Alter, as his F-27 American Sailing Hall of Fame introduction duly acknowledge.

The other day discussing a new project with an experienced designer he used Farrier's innovation as an example to follow and told me when I was trying to keep some conservative approach : "Remember no one on the planet had heard of a folding trimaran until Farrier built one. They’ve sold over 3000 production boats - not counting home builds and custom builds."

A folding Trimaran is such a clever solution, here in Argentina, where we have a huge monohull sailing market, all Marinas are only prepared for monos, and getting for a cruising multi it's pretty expensive, same scenario Farrier found back in 1974 when he launched his Trailer Tri and later patented his own designed folding system.
Neither to speak on trailering such a fast multi over the road. Just a perfect solution and greatly implemented.
1st image above depicts two trailerables boats, the choice is more than obvious.

I've visited his web plenty when I start getting into multis and our first builts. Ian shared lots of technical info. His plans helped many to build their own Trimaran. Getting people building their boats its not easy, so his expertise & experience were key to the home builder movement success.
That blue Dutch built F-22 by Menno van der Zijpp was always one of the coolest Multis I could find on the web. Check Menno's building blog at Labor of  love as few others.

He also was the designer behind the Corsair line, you can read the complete history at his web in links below.

Latest years Farrier stop selling plans for home builts and put focus on a quality production series of his F-22. A foiling version was also tested and offered.
His legacy is immense, and he truly deserves a special place in Sailing & Multihull history.

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