Dec 10, 2017

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World , Day 36: 2217NM Ahead of previous Record

Photo: Macif Course au Large. Today we cancelled a long distance in A-Cats as we had +20 offshore gusts as the course was pure reach, meanwhile Francois Gabart continues to cruise at  +30knots on a giant Tri around the World, Solo.,. talking about perspectives.

Not much to say for this record attempt status, numers speak fro themselves: 2929.25NM to go, Gabart is 2217.35NM ahead of Thomas Coville previous record.

Source & data:
- Tracking:
- Data:

Perfomance Sheet
- Average Speed: 27.3 knts - Last 24hs: 26.2 knts
- Max Speed: 39.2 knts - Last 24hs: 32.8 knts
- Distance: 24012.72 nm - Last 24hs: 629.8 nm

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