Nov 7, 2017

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World : Day 3

Day 3 : Francois Gabart is running 91NM ahead of Thomas Coville previous record. So much to go but always good to be ahead.
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For the Jules Verne Trophy, Spindrift 2 crew is now on standby.
What an immense activity the Atlantic is seeing right now, with the Jacques Vabre, the Volvo, Gabart himself , and  the Minitransat:

At the same time Banque Populaire IX is getting her first flights.

Down here some busy schedule with a couple of projects on the desk, installing some spi hardware & selftack for a client, also this weekend we have some nice A-Cat regattas and the F18 Arg Nats will be held Nov 24.  Biggest A-Cat one will be held Dec 02.  Preparing an F18 DS recut from a standard sail, and targeting to cut the A14 for new foils too.  Thus the low rate of updates you'll see this week.