Nov 15, 2017

Gabart / Macif Tri Solo Round the World : 24hs Record Broken

Photo: Macif Course au Large /
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Francois Gabart has beaten the 24hs traveled distance while sailing Solo around the World onboard Macif Maxi Trimaran. 851NM & 35.4Knots average speed on a foiler Maxi Tri, sailing Solo...Crazy stuff.

Excerpt translated from
"...A mythical bar has just fallen: traveling 851* miles from Monday to Tuesday afternoon, François Gabart pressed the throttle onboard MACIF Trimaran to avoid being caught by strong winds at his back, in the process he became the first solo sailor to pass the 800 miles in 24 hours. He smashed his own record, which was achieved on July 3, 2016: 784 miles. Average speed for this 24hs 35.4 knots, or 65.5 km / h!

What does Francois thinks on this reacord: " I'm delighted. Records are made to be beaten, and that's how we progress. The sensations at these speeds are quite extraordinary, the boat is flying, it's a mix of power and lightness. Not a sailor to rest on his laurels, the skipper of the MACIF trimaran immediately adds: "Now, this is not the priority objective, the idea is first to finish this tour around the World ..."

 *: subject to validation of the WSSR