Nov 24, 2017

F18 Decksweeper Mainsail: Cut & Sail (II)

As promised I finally could cut one of the standard F18 mains I had. This work was done last 2 days by my local sailmaker, who did a really good job considering the time frames I gave him.
Sail was handed yesterday late afternoon, now I need to cut battens , re check some minor details and we'll be racing 12pm Arg time.

Will be crewing, light winds expecting, not much performance expectations, as my helm is new to the Class, his first race helming, but it will be lots of fun and learning how to sail & trim the new Decksweeper Mainsail cuts.

Also I managed to hook my friend even more with his F18 he bought after 2016 Worlds, so an excellent program all for this weekend.

Later more pics with sail up with proper batten settings etc.
Here we write & speak a lot, but I always try to walk the talk, you can cut your current F18 sails no problem as done with the A-Class ones.