Nov 5, 2017

A-Class French Nats 2017 @Bordeaux: Emmanuel Dodé Champ

All images by Philippe Dervieux / / French Class Assoc.
Final Day report sent by Thibault Laudren:
Last update on the French A-Class Nationals 2017
This final day of the regatta has seen no racing due to a complete absence of wind on the race course.

But with 4 races under our belt, it was enough to crown Emmanuel Dodé new French Champion, in front of Jean-Louis Le Coq and Albert Roturier.

Emmnauel Dodé commented: "It was a great event, really happy about the racing we got with a good competition level and a very friendly ambiance on shore.I'm glad to have come with this result for my 3rd season on the A Cat scene and now feel like I enjoyed the benefits of the time and work I have put in this project. Can't wait for 2018 to begin !"

On the overall event ranking, Emmanuel Dodé is first, Jean-Louis Le Coq 2nd and Mathias Dietz from Germany 3rd.

For the Classic division, Micky Todd takes the Trophy home, in front of Albert Roturier and André Casanova.

Pictures of this last day and podiums are on our Facebook page: Fb page

The organizing club of the CVB has put great efforts in running the show despite the challenging conditions. Everyone one agrees on the greater interest to have the Nationals at the end of the season and the great welcome and racing this event can provide.

Reasons enough for us to have the 2018 Nationals same time same place next year.

Hope to see even more sailors joining for the next edition, and with 96 AFCCA members in 2017, among which 39 of them are new to the Class, the French A Cat community certainly is looking in great shape to make 2018 another exciting season.

See you all next year.

Top ten below, full results at

RgsIdentConcurrentsP RetP totc.1c.2c.3c.4Club / Pays
1 FRA   2DODE Emmanuel351211S R VANNES
2 FRA   7LE COQ Jean louis8113332S N GRAU DU ROI
3 GER   3DIETZ Mattias1219.004573ALLEMAGNE
4 ESP   7TODD Micky15.0022.006745CME
5 FRA  413ROTURIER Albert18.0029.0081164C V SANGUINET
6 FRA  222LAUDREN Thibault19.0037.00211816S N TRINITE S/MER
7 FRA   22CAPELA LABORDE Vincent19.0029.0056810Y C MAUGUIO CARNON
8 FRA  550CASANOVA Andre21.0038.0091757A C D'ALSACE LORRAIN
9 FRA  410DARNAUDE Jean26.0076.00OCS4148C N V AIX LES BAINS
10 BEL   9WARLOP Michel29.0043.00141496RBSC