Nov 3, 2017

A-Class French Nats 2017 @Bordeaux: Day 3

All images by Philippe Dervieux / / French Class Assoc. Day 3 report sent by Thibault Laudren:
Day 3 of the French Nationals, a light wind day:
"Day 3 at the French Nationals saw two races completed in the morning before the wind disappeared

Race 1 was run in a patchy and shifting 6 to 9 knots, with the classics fleet finding a bit of an edge over the foilers. Only 3 boats could properly foil downwind and particularly Emmanuel Dodé who created an immense gap over the second, a classic specialist Jean-Claude Roumaillac on a bimare Zero, closely followed by Jean-Louis Le Coq and Micky Todd. For the other foilers, trying to go airbone in such conditions most often resulted in massive losses, and always felt like a bit of a gumball, while the rest of the fleet was efficiently going full VMG mode downwind.

Similar wind conditions applied for the second race of the day, making the racing very tactical and requiring a good observation of the shifts. At this game, Emmanuel Dodé played it right to score a second win of the day. Behind, Jean-Louis Le Coq and Mathias Dietz made the most out of a good puff on the last downwind to take off and score a second and third. Albert Roturier and his 2006 XJ crossed the line 4th, followed by Micky Todd and Michel Warlop on his Marstrom, showing our efficient the classics can be in such conditions/

The general ranking after 4 races sees 3 foilers at the top, Emmanuel Dodé 1st, Jean-Louis Le Coq 2nd and Mathias Dietz 3rd, while Micky Todd and Albert Roturier have gained ground to place themselves 4th and 5th.

Tomorrow will be the final day of the regatta, and forecasts are for very light wind again, which may well see the classics coming in force in the top 10!

Photos of the day 3 are online on our French Assoc facebook page

On my side, couldn't fly as early as the top guys with my "old" boat and foils, and lost ground most times I tried to follow flying. Not much I could do in these condition except than seeing them flying away !

Tomorrow will be another day"!
top ten below, full results at

Rgs Ident Concurrents P Ret P tot c.1 c.2 c.3 c.4 Club / Pays
1  FRA   2 DODE Emmanuel 3 5 1 2 1 1 S R VANNES
2  FRA   7 LE COQ Jean louis 8 11 3 3 3 2 S N GRAU DU ROI
3  GER   3 DIETZ Mattias 12 19.00 4 5 7 3 ALLEMAGNE
4  ESP   7 TODD Micky 15.00 22.00 6 7 4 5 CME
5  FRA  413 ROTURIER Albert 18.00 29.00 8 11 6 4 C V SANGUINET
6  FRA  222 LAUDREN Thibault 19.00 37.00 2 1 18 16 S N TRINITE S/MER
7  FRA   22 CAPELA LABORDE Vincent 19.00 29.00 5 6 8 10 Y C MAUGUIO CARNON
8  FRA  550 CASANOVA Andre 21.00 38.00 9 17 5 7 A C D'ALSACE LORRAIN
9  FRA  410 DARNAUDE Jean 26.00 76.00 OCS 4 14 8 C N V AIX LES BAINS
10  BEL   9 WARLOP Michel 29.00 43.00 14 14 9 6 RBSC