Oct 11, 2017

Super Foiler progress: Trapeze x 3

The Super Foiler continues its fin tuning stage. For a new concept is quite understandable to have an long process to know the beast and how it responds.
First time I see the 3 crews on the trapeze so they are clearly improving and learining how to sail this hybrid.

Official fb web www.facebook.com/SuperFoiler/

On the Decksweeper mainsail , check the foot/tramp area and watch how a mini flap (created by the right position of the batten. if placed at the vertice it will touch tramp with more cunningham applied) is being forced up by the wind pressure/tunneling created in that zone and losing a bit of efficiency. This is not looked for of course, maybe a more firm cloth is needed to prevent this.

Tomorrow we'll publish an article on the DS from 1D sails, and how they designed from factory a flap in the foot but to work with full cunningham in F18 platforms.