Oct 30, 2017

Banque Populaire IX Maxi Trimaran Foiler launched

All images & tech report by Banque Populaire Voile. Click images for HD Slideshow , full gallery at www.voile.banquepopulaire.fr -

Video by  JPL Lorient.

What a Weapon. While the Americas Cup  goes back to real sailing in monohulls...  the French sailors, designers & yards are delivering the most impressive ocean crossing machines.

Central T foil also for BP IX, like Verdier's Gitana's latest setupGabart's Macif Tri does not features one,  also confirmed by Gabart at the time. For Macif J boards check this post.

If Macif stays put in terms of central T foil we will have an interesting matchup between the giant Trimaran Foilers in coming crossings & records attempts to see which conf pays weighting  additional lift vs drag in calm weather.

On the MOD 70s, Maserati could not beat yet standard floating Phaedo 3. But at this stage Gitana & BP along VPLP/Verdier might have found the right compromise.

Check third pic above of the amas J foil, that sections is similar to what the AC50s used at Bermuda, also these Js are featuring an elliptical planshape, opposed to the more straight tapers used in the first TNZ Js generation and all its beachcat counterparts that followed the same design concept.

The size and sail power of these Tris is off the scale. We need to thank the French sailing community for pushing the limits. Right now if sailing development depended on the Kiwis & Prada, and the old same guard that banned Herreshoff Amaryllis all of us would be sailing 5 knots logs.

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