Sep 11, 2017

Team New Zealand confirms next Americas Cup in Monohulls

Although we like Multis obvioulsy, we have to agree that last Cup at Bermuda was too much of automated technology involved and even called it Push Button Foiling.
We also remarked many times on the difference between the crew work on the AC45s Series or even the GC32s vs the AC50s.

Coutts went too far on his vision for devel, and surely all would have ended with the skippers onshore "helming" the AC boats with a remote control.
Still last Cup was far from that but is true too few members of the crew had sailing tasks.

Now, hearing the monohull guys complain about that one, is rather hilarious. The "speed face" many have when seating and hanging their legs outs...  that is so far from what we Multihull sailors do while sailing beachcats up to the mentioned AC45s or GC32s. 

So we expect that Bertelli and New Zealand don't change the cyclists for leg hangers,  or grinders only for the case.

We would like to see the crews hands full like we like to see in the GC32s Racing Tour, where you need perfect coordination between every single crew position, aside great physical work.

If Bertelli & New Zealand maintain all the automated ,  button foiling  , leds screens, control panels and else, and only change the design to a monohull (foiler or not) , nothing is going to change in the end.

Still we hope not to see these images above of the new High Performance Monohulls, foilers or not... that's not --Sailing-- by any chance.

Press release sent by Emirates Team New Zealand.
Emirates Team New Zealand can confirm Patrizio Bertelli’s suggestion today that the next America’s Cup will be sailed in high performance monohull yachts.

Currently there are a team of designers, lead by Emirates Team New Zealand Design Coordinator Dan Bernasconi working on various exciting monohull concepts which will eventually help shape the AC36 Class Rule.

Emirates Team New Zealand have been consulting with a number of potential challengers and there is an overall desire to have a spectacular monohull yacht that will be exciting to match race, but also one that the public and sailors can relate to as a sail boat that really challenges a full crew of professional yachtsman around the race track.

Further details of the Protocol for the 36th America’s Cup will be announced at the end of the month.