Sep 3, 2017

Nacra 17 II Worlds 2017 @La Grande Motte: September 5-11

Training images from this weekend by Yacht Club de La Frande Motte . Regarding the the spi upwind now the management changed minds from the no change no action from last communications.
This Class is a full mess by now in every aspect.

Lets hope they can solve all issues and get a period of stable rules, sailing instructions, reliable equipment and else, for the moment I feel for those investing to race cats in the Olympics.

The Class will have a "Forum vote" today to allow or not spis upwind, but only for this event... Better get the facts directly from the official web cause is hard to keep up with the news.

For good or worse on constant changes , the only good aspect is that the class Chairs are always informing through :

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