Sep 18, 2017

F20 / FP September 2017 Flights at BA

Photos: The really good ones by our friend & catsailor/F20 foiler Juan Faustín.  Click for hd & slideshow. - On Saturday the guys went out in about 6knots unstable onshore still good enough for the F20s & the FP to get airbrone. We took Juan's drone but technical issues (a missing card..he) blocked the session. In the end I drove Ian's rib around for Juan to took pics , click  pics for hd  to watch some excellent shots by him and his Sony A7.

On the foiling conditions, it was on the very limit to lift off although a coouple of good rides were possible.
One thing many fail to understand about foiling is how much fun it is.
Past days I had several critics coming from the most diverse and even quite opposite camps on the F18 Convertible, saying the  platform will not  fly good , too heavy, not worth etc , etc.

Still wondering  which part they wont understand that many of us don't have the resources to buy an FP/F20 to foil for fun double handed plus an F18 to race?
You don't like the concept? Don't use it, or adopt it, don't buy it, don't build it and don't sell it.
I had that idea, which is a dream yes as I have not sailed it yet  (Cirrus already delivered their convertible R2s) . A dream as many I had and luckily enough to concrete them as the F18 Open Project (who thought that project was going to be built really?)  or the local F18 Class,  so be sure I will built the convertible too. And the rest , being Class mgmnt officials or commercial builders complaining on othe concept can continue their business as usual and worry about something else.

Look above, we don't race double handed foilers here in BA that much (1 long distance a year) , we just go out and foil with friends, which is finally the reason we are all involved in this great sport.
With a F18 convertible I might foil say in a bit more wind than these weapons above,   (surely wont be submarine mode up to 12/13knots as some famous dinghy foiler...) and  I wont be spending 35-40k any of these days on one. Those who can, go ahead cause they are two great weapons and lots of fun.

You also have many options for dedicated foilers aside the F20/FP like  the Whisper by White Formula , Alex Essentiel also in a good price range. For single handed Michele Petrucci S9, the I-fly15 , and brand new A-Class and of course a good oldie one can be retrofitted without much investment.

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