Sep 22, 2017

F18 Cirrus R2 Convertible dagger case at French Nats measurement

More productions news from the F18 that is gaining discussions again like the old good times...! And that's a sign of a renewed health as people are buying new sails , brand  new boats like the Cirrus R2 convertible or the Scorpion by Exploder after Mischa's Title.

You'll see how number of new boats this year will rise, and not by any magic action but as a straight result from the builders/Lofts (& sailors) own investment in producing new alternatives for current F18 sailors and attracting new ones.

Here in these pics taken at the French Nats 2017 site, the Cirrus R2 is being measured and convertible dagger case being inspected.
As you see there is nothing you can declare as illegal, so it is a transparent solution as I stated many times.
Also remember the Class has officially voted in favor convertible platforms and epoxy. New concept and rules waiting final implementation by the Class mgmt. On the convertible new rule it simply means not banning an F18 for having say case cap above or a slider or an additional clamcleat. There is no need for a rule indeed, but good to have it formally written. On epoxy is not indispensable as you seen in the R2 above , I will built mine in standard vynylester too. If implmented (already voted yes) will expand the construction use already permitted with wood cores.

On the R2 above in the end this is a new F18 being sold. We will following the French Nats event , French Assoc FB here

Design details on the Cirrus R2 convertible here  and here.

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