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Aug 14, 2017

Flying Phantoms ESS @Hamburg 2017

Video by , more videos at their web: . All images by Martina Barnetova / ESS . Full gallery at Extreme Saling Series Fb.
Results below by Extremesailingseries press. Official web
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Flying Phantom Series Hamburg standings after Day 4, 17 races (13.08.17)
Position / Team / Points
1st Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT): Olivia Mackay (NZL) / Micah Wilkinson (NZL) 337 points.
2nd Culture Foil (FRA): Eric Peron (FRA) / Théo Constance (FRA) 329 points.
3rd ZEPHYR by Idreva (FRA): Charles Hainneville (FRA) / Maxime Hainneville (FRA) 300 points.
4th Lupe Tortilla (USA): John Tomko (USA) / Jonathan Atwood (USA) 294 points.
5th Solidaires en Peloton (FRA): Thibaut Vauchel-Camus (FRA) / Benjamin Lamotte (FRA) 293 points.
6th Oman Sail (OMA): Thomas Normand (FRA) / Antoine Joubert (FRA) / Ahmed Al Hasani 283 points.
7th UON (POR): José Caldeira (POR) / Helder Basilio (POR) 260 points.
8th Back to Basics (FRA): Bruno Marais (FRA) / Eric Le Bouedec (FRA) 231 points.
9th EVO Visian ICL (GER): Raphael Neuhann (GER) / Elias Neuhann (GER) 225 points.
10th Black Flag (FRA): Martin Bozon (FRA) / Emile Nussbaumer (FRA) 221 points.
11th Masterlan (CZE): David Krizek (CZE) / Milan Harmacek (CZE) 183 points.
12th Red Bill II (FRA): Dominique Pichon (FRA) / David Mirabel (FRA) 152 points.

2017 Flying Phantom Series overall standings
Position / Team / Points
1st Red Bull Sailing Team (AUT) 60 points.
2nd Culture Foil (FRA) 55 points.
3rd Solidaires en Peloton (FRA) 48 points.
4th Lupe Tortilla (USA) 47 points.
5th Oman Sail (OMA) 46 points.
6th UON (POR) 41 points.
7th EVO Visian ICL (GER) 38 points.
8th ZEPHYR by Idreva (FRA) 36 points.
9th Cup Legend (FRA) 36 points.
10th Back to Basics (FRA) 34 points.
11th Masterlan (CZE) 32 points.
12th Red Bill II (FRA) 27 points.
13th Black Flag (FRA) 11 points.
14th Flying Frogs (FRA) 11 points.

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