Aug 9, 2017

F18 Raid Worlds @Stockholm Archipelago: Leff Dahl & Roger Boden Champs

All images by Jasper van Staveren. So nice to have Jasper there framing such a great event and preserve the real beauty of the Archipelago Raid in excellent photos. Which are the best long lasting legacy you can have for any regatta, specially one like this first F18 Worlds Raid organized by Lars Linder.

Good daily  videos available at , latest were not distributed to embed, so go to their web to watch them.

On final results Leff Dahl &  Roger Boden (Goodall Design C2) were crowned today as first F18 Raid World Champs after a tight fight with William Sunnucks & Freddie White (Windrush Edge / Hyde Sails).  Winners got a positive score of 250pts and the British crew got 246pts.

What I like of positive point scores is that you are not penalized against, and you can recover from dnf or  breakages etc. Will get Lars to comment on the system used later.

Third place overall for Elke Delnooz & Jeroen Van Leeuwen (former F18 WC), also first mixed crew.

More info at

Full galleries of Jasper's great photos at Archipelago Raid FB